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Desert Bowhunters 3D
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CK 26-Mar-11
StickFlicker 28-Mar-11
From: CK
I am going to be in Pheonix visiting family for spring break and noticed there is a 3D shoot at the Ben Avery shooting facility April 3, which is very near my dad's new house. I would like to go but would prefer not to shoot alone. Any bowsiters going?

From: StickFlicker

It's possible that we may shoot it, but probably won't know until the morning of the shoot. I have an event the night before, that might run late, so I might not feel like getting up early to shoot it. If you want to PM me your cell number, I can call you if I'm out there and we could meet up.

Where does your dad live? I only live about a mile or so from Ben Avery myself.


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