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south slope diamond mtn help
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puma_man 23-May-11
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puma_man 26-May-11
From: puma_man
looks like I drew a non-res south slope diamond mtn bow deer tag based on my credit card statement. I've never hunted the unit and am looking for any info on good areas to hunt on public land or contacts that I could get a hold of to start doing some research on the deer herd. I won't be able to scout it so any help is much appreciated. thanks in advance

I've hunted it a few times. There are some decent bucks on the unit. Private land is mixed with public, but there is enough public to do well. You can stay in Vernal or camp. What week is your hunt for?

From: puma_man
I'll probably go at the beginning of the season, which starts toward the end of August. I will probably camp, maybe backpack in somehwere for a few days.

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