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early rut?
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chief 13-Sep-11
Oakie 13-Sep-11
chief 14-Sep-11
odwc253 17-Sep-11
rancher 19-Sep-11
godsquads 22-Sep-11
Lightning 24-Sep-11
From: chief
While checking my camera and dropping of some corn down in southeast oklahoma I found a fresh scrape. I've never seen a scrape this early in the year. Is this that uncommon? Anyone else seeing scrapes?

From: Oakie
Certain popular scrape locations are monitored and refreshed all year. I have video of bucks in velvet freshening scrapes in August. Surprised me when I saw it happen.

From: chief
Oh ok thanks for the info. It sure shocked me when I saw it I thought maybe the weather had em messed up. Glad to hear everything is goin on like its supposed to.

From: odwc253
We started finding a few small scrapes in mid-August as well. Most of the time it will be the young bucks getting a little excited too early. The big boys know there's no rush and will start scraping on schedule like usual.

From: rancher
Around the first 2 weeks in November

From: godsquads
It is a normal thing for the bucks to scrape. The hardening of the antlers and decreasing of daylight triggers a lot of it.

From: Lightning
There is a certain type of scrape that you find near a buck's bedding area in early October that is exciting to find.. It will be very fresh and have a couple fresh rubs and tracks around it. When I find this I don't leave but go about 30 to 40 yards downwind and find a place to hide until sunset.

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