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jav/deer 20a 17b 18b
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AZMULEYS 28-Dec-11
Maverick940 29-Dec-11
Moose 29-Dec-11
Moose 30-Dec-11
juliuscesar 02-Jan-12
Me and a friend of mine decided to put in for some different units this year for javelina and drew the 5082 tag with 17a 17b 18b 19a 19b and 20a just curious if anybody could give us a few pointers on where to start we will be hunting both pigs and deer. we have never hunted these units but we were thinking about staying around 20a,18b,17b.Any help would be greatly appreciated not looking for anybodys honey hole.

From: Maverick940
Congratulations!!! You guys should be able to find pigs and deer in any of those units. I'm not sure if you're coming from Phoenix or Kingman or Flagstaff, but if you're out of Phoenix, I'd hunt around Cordes Junction. I'll be in Arizona during most of January and if you'd like to contact me off-site, just let me know and we can exchange email addresses and telephone numbers.

From: Moose
I've been hunting that area for years. It does depend on where you're coming from and if you're planning on camping or not. The prime spot there would be 17A/17B around camp wood. It can get cold and may get some snow though. Best spots in there would probably right around the old ranger station or just past yolo ranch as you start to get back into the cedars. If you are wanting to stay closer to the Prescott area Big bug mesa would be a good place to start. If you want to be near Bagdad there is a lot of good hunting near 97 rd but you would probably need to depend more on water. Lots of area to glass down there though. If you want some more detailed info PM me and I give you some more stuff. Matt

From: Moose

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Moose's embedded Photo
Blake here is the pic of where I camp off of 97 rd

From: juliuscesar
goodwin mesa area, lots of pigs there.

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