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Connecticut Bear Season
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CTCrow 10-Jan-12
Richm444 03-Feb-12
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Stlhtr 09-Feb-12
Ace 09-Feb-12
From: CTCrow

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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A growing bear population has Connecticut wildlife officials considering the state's first bear hunt in 170 years.

The state's expanding bear population was highlighted in the last week when an 82-year-old Windsor man was arrested after fatally shooting a black bear that damaged a bird feeder on his property.

State officials tell the Hartford Courant ( that blacks bear had left Connecticut by 1840 due to hunting and the clearing of their woodland habitat to make room for farms.

But the bears have since migrated back from neighboring states, and sightings have spiked from 75 in 1995 to 2,786 last year. Some report the bears are damaging property or killing livestock.

State wildlife biologist Paul Rego says there's no plan yet for a bear hunt. But he said biologists view it as an option.

From: Richm444
my neighbor saw a bear all the way down in Souther Bridgewater. His little Maltese chased it up a tree LoL

From: Passinthru63
I've watched this bear hunt issue play out in NJ over the past 8 years or so. It's going to be an ugly fight for one here in CT. I hunt the NW Corner of NJ (Delaware Water Gap) for the past 34 years, a place you would expect to see bears and I can remember never, ever seeing bears almost 30 years ago to seeing them every single outing now. And they are spread all over the dang state now.

From: Stlhtr
I saw several this season in the NW section of the state. More than last season. Had a shot at a nice one but of course wouldn't take it without a tag. Of course as soon as there's a season I can throw out my bear spray because I'll never have one come anywhere near me. LOL

From: Ace
I heard that there are no plans to try to institute a Bear Season this year. Hopefully in 2013.

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