New Club in southern Indiana BNAC
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From: Buck Creek
We are starting a new bow club in Brownstown, Indiana that will be holding shoots at the Jackson-Washington State Forest (site of the old Brownstown Bowhunter shoots). The Brownstown Nazarene Archery Club has sprung from discussions between Brad Thompson( youth pastor at the church) and a group of interested locals who miss the camaraderie of a local club and who want to use the club to push outdoor programs for local youth. We have purchased our first 15 targets from donations from local businesses. The White River Bowhunters in Bedford are now helping us out by letting us have a shoot at their club grounds on March 31-April 1 to help us purchase more targets. Sign up will be from 8 am til 2 pm each day. We welcome any and all archers who would like to come shoot and help us get this new project started!

From: Shakes.602

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Y'all dont know how BAD I wish I lived about 50 miles South of where I do in Crawfordsville!! More Power to You, and ALL ther Luck in the World!!

From: Buck Creek
Thanks Shakes! Last second remind for anyone free tomorrow or Sunday! Been down there all day today and we've got everything ready to go!

From: Russ Koon
Hey, Buck Creek. Tried to PM you but it wouldn't go through. Any progress on the B-town club shoots?

From: Buck Creek
Yes, just met with the property manager yesterday and ironed out all of the details. BNAZ Archery will hold 4 shoots this year at the archery range at the Jackson-Washington State Forest outside Brownstown. Our shoots will be July 1, August 5, August 19, and September 1 and 2. Sign up 8 til 2. Cost is $10 adults, $5 youth and 12 and under free.

From: Buck Creek2
We've got another shoot coming up this sunday if anyone's looking for something to do come on down and see us!

From: Russ Koon
I chickened out on coming down to your first one because of the heat wave, but the temps predicted for this weekend are some better, and I did another hilly one closer to home in high heat without trouble, so I'm going to give it another try.

Always liked the range down there as it used to be.

Need the practice. Grouping decently on the practice range now but still haven't brought anything like my "A" game to the 3D course. And my range estimation skills reflect the lack of practice over the past two years. Starting to work with the rangefinder to sharpen that skill again.

Season starts in a month in KY, and I'm looking at the LBL as good possibility for a shorter and less expensive out-of-state hunt.

Look forward to seeing you again on Sunday, if the creek don't rise (and it looks like the odds are pretty long on that). 8^)

From: Flat Rock
Great shoot Buck Creek. Targets were good with very reasonable shooting distances. Really like the layout and the friendly people.

From: Russ Koon
Sorry to be a no-show again, Buck Creek.

We had a family thing going in the afternoon, so my only shot was the morning, and the weatherguessers were saying 100% on T-storms for the time period I would have had to be there, when I checked the weather channel at 4 AM.

Hope it turned out well, anyway, and I'll keep trying.

Since we suffered record heat and humidity levels at a couple of Rendesvous setups, and a September blizzard the people in ND still talk about on our only hunting trip, I'm beginning to suspect one of us may be jinxed when it comes to weather....and it's nearly always sunny and nice where I am.... just sayin'. 8^)

From: Buck Creek2
Thanks Flat Rock, always a pleasure. Good luck in Colorado! Hope you're in good shape in case you have to pack out a mule deer and your brother! Russ, you may be right there. It does seem like I'm jinxed in the weather department. You've got another chance on August 19. I justed picked up 5 more targets today for our next shoot.

From: KDC
He may have to pack me out, but things are a little better. Went to the doctor Tuesday and he said that my neck and back are looking better. He even said I could do some light running again. The muscles around my back are going to be sore for awhile yet. As Cameron Hanes said, "You can recover from a tough hunt. You can't recover from quitting"

From: Russ Koon
Finally got down there today and really enjoyed the shoot. Weather was beautiful, so maybe it wasn't such a jinx, after all.

Nice job on setting up the shoot, and growing the interest in the area.

Great to catch up with the family as well. And meeting the people I shot with. Very friendly folks.

Now if you could just move the whole shebang about sixty miles closer to Martinsville.....

From: Buck Creek2
It was good seeing you again Russ. Maybe you just need to move down to the scenic hills of southern Indiana!

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