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hunting lease in west tn near memphis
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Hoghead 01-Feb-12
Bucky 05-Aug-12
From: Hoghead
I am interested in joining\starting an archery hunting club. Moved to Memphis area (between arlington and Millington) in september, at the start of season. To say the least, my first season in TN was not all that great. I am an avid bowhunter but also will gun hunt at times. Have been known to use bow even during rifle seasons. Moved from South Carolina where I had thousands of acres to hunt. Private and public. All within an hour or less of a drive. Only know of Shelby forest to hunt up here so far but hope to change that next year. Injoy camping out during hunting season since I purchased my camper. Plan on buying a small tractor and implements this year for yard work and of course foodplots. Love working the land cause it just extends my season from 4 months to 11 or 12 months. would like to join\start a club that have a few restrictions. Weather it be a point,age or sex restrictions. I have noticed the more restrictions the better. First year or 2 are a little tough, but it pays off in the long run.I have seen it work in PA and even South carolina on private land. I am still into having fun, thats why I shoot does. Enjoy taking kids hunting too. Think it is a good idea that kids have no restrictions unless they implement them on themselves. So if you are interested or know of any clubs or leases in the area, let me know.

From: Bucky
I'm interested in a lease to bow hunt near Memphis. I have some equipment to work with. Let me know if you can help me find a place thanks.

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