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Pro Tune Archery, Stafford County ???
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tonyo6302 17-Mar-12
hunter dan 18-Mar-12
limbhanger 24-Mar-12
Bowdoctor 01-May-12
limbhanger 13-Jun-12
From: tonyo6302
I was rolling up U.S. 17N towards Warrenton the other day, and I noticed, across from the new Stafford County Wal-Mart, a store called Pro Tune Archery.

Anyone have any info on this place?


From: hunter dan
i bleive it opened this past summer. i have not been in yet. not sure what brands. nice to have a second choice to gander in this area. i wish him well.

From: limbhanger
They sell Hoyt and Bowtech. They may sell other brands, but I'm not sure. Steven Stark works there. He was the top bow tech at B&B in Manassas when it was owned by Robert Tharpe. It's going to be a great shop!

From: Bowdoctor
I stopped by the other day and was not impressed. Guy behind the counter was talking to girlfriend I guess. Didn't seem to have much time to talk with me. The customer service needs work.

From: limbhanger
I decided to keep my business with Xtreme Archery in Manassas. It use to be called B&B archery and I was buying bows and accessories in the 1990's when Bobby Norris owned it. He sold it around 1997 or so, but has bought it back and I just ordered a new bow from him. I like how they treat all their customers. Thanks Bobby Sr. and Bobby Jr.!

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