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King's Taxidermy in Central Virginia?
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Captbob 18-Apr-12
JorgeVA 18-Apr-12
Huntfishall1 24-Apr-12
buskill 24-Apr-12
From: Captbob
I will be leaving for a black bear hunt in New Brunswick next month. If I manage to arrow a bear can anyone recommend a good taxidermist in the greater Richmond area? Does anyone have experience with King's taxidermy in Chesterfield? Thanks.

From: JorgeVA

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Don't know them, but I can highly recommend Rapalee taxidermy.

From: Huntfishall1
I live in central VA too.

No experience with Kings taxidermy.

First I'll admit I'm picky about taxidermy work. Its tough to find someone good at everything, especially if you hunt out of state for various species.

Rapalee in Gochland is well known, VERY well known throughout the country actually. I've never used them. I dont care for their eyes (look unnatural) on mounts, and they are VERY expensive. But the rest of the work is top notch from what I've seen.

Gary's Taxidermy- aka Ramseys Wildlife Design, is decent. I dont really care for the guys attitude. Plus he's messed up some details on stuff I've brought him. Not sure if I'd use him again, but havent written him off completely.

For bears I'd take a close look at Ron Sprouse. He's out past Staunton in Craigsville, so its a bit of a drive. I've never used him, but seen his work and will likely use him in the future for anything related to bears and turkeys. But NOT for deer or antlered game.

Also look at B&W Taxidenry, Dale Wenger. He's in Elkton so another far drive. I've haven't used him but seen some work and he's very good. I'm planing to try and visit his shop sometime this year and talk to him and see his recent stuff. He's at the top of my list currently for any future work I need done.

Good luck with the hunt and let me know who you decide to use.

From: buskill
I used to live in Richmond, now I am at the other end of the would be worth the drive to come to Richlands Va and let Big R Taxidermy do your mount or rug. Ritchie Nelson is the owner. I have seen some really good bear mounts and rugs from him. He did a large coastal black for my buddy and it is amazing. The drive fro Richmond to Richlands is 4 1/2 hours.

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