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Upcoming CWD myth busting campaign
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From: dadof6

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American Deer and Wildlife Alliance announces a new campaign that will dispel myths regarding CWD.

From: sagittarius
LOL ... A Texas based organization, with help from

From: upnorth
lets see its been around 12 years and somewhere between 30 and 40 million dollars . other then now we shoot like 150,000 less deer a year . whats been gained other then someone made some pretty good money . waste of time and money period.

From: Mike F
CWD was first discovered in 1968 near Fort Collins, Colorado. Much has been studied, written and rewritten.

The only truth that has been released is that it was discovered in deer that were kept in a pen.

Many partial or half truths have been forced down the throats of hunters and taxpayers.

Deer Hunting and Cervid Farming are big dollar businesses. If an organization wants to spend their money trying to save their business, so be it. Who am I to stop them? If they tell the truth, many will learn form them. If they spread lies, it will catch up with them in short order.

What's the big deal if the organization is bassed in Texas, Wisconsin or Kingdom Come? Texas has zero documented cases of CWD.

The more people are informed on what is true and what are lies the better off we'll all be.

From: glunker
Their mission is to promote the deer industry, which reads penned deer. They will only tell one side of the story so they can only be believed if some group that is non-biased confirms their claims. So I guess I am not interested. Have they heard of the Hall deer pen in Portage County? Keith Warren needs to brush up on fair chase rules and ideology.

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