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New to Tampa area looking to hunt
Contributors to this thread:
java8297 02-Jun-12
brewski 03-Jun-12
Swampbuck 04-Jun-12
itshot 05-Jun-12
brewski 05-Jun-12
sonofafish 10-Jul-12
Camocam813 20-Aug-12
From: java8297
Hey Guys,

I just moved to Tampa . Looking to bow hunt

From: brewski
WOW..Welcome to the area. this is a real tough place to hunt if you don't want to drive a long way , or you don't have private property. there are special opportuinity hunting areas that get hit pretty hard.

From: Swampbuck
Welcome, there are a few guys on here from that area that I'm sure can point you in the right direction. Where are you coming from?

From: itshot

itshot's Link
Welcome to FL

Plenty of places to hunt and now is the time to fill out quota hunt applications

Within a couple of hours drive: Green Swamp, Richloam, Arbuckle, Ocala, Goethe, Cedar Key Scrub, Lower Suwannee to name a few....all have deer & hog & turkey waiting for an arrow

Some of these don't need permit and there's plenty of land but like brewski says , some get hit hard but still thousands of acres with nobody in them

Take some day trips this summer to check them out, might be a lot of closed gates but that's what feet or bike is good for

Good Luck!

From: brewski
Java, What part of Tampa Bay are you from?

From: sonofafish
itshot, is Richloam good for Archery?

From: Camocam813
Might be looking for some help with food plots soon, that might be worth a bow hunt or two! Name, Age, where are you from, hunting experience...etc

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