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Weminuche Mule Deer
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Brunse 06-Jun-12
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Brunse 06-Jun-12
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From: Brunse
So I drew a Southern colorado deer tag. I plan on hunting the Weminuche wilderness for a week. I also plan to meet a friend in another unit for a 10-12 day elk hunt in another unit. I can set it up to hunt deer the last week of the season or the first week of September. Is there a good reason to stay away from late september after muzzy season? I don't think my unit has a early rifle for deer, but I will have to check. Also its over the counter elk with a low percentage of success.


From: txhunter58
I would much prefer to hunt deer early in the high country, the earlier the better. They are still above timberline in bachelor groups. Once the freezes start to hit, they head down to below treeline.

I think the best day to kill a muley in the high country is opening day with each day getting harder there after.

From: Brunse
Thanks for the input.

From: Glunt@work
Early would be my pick. Bucks are usually way more visible and predictable when they have velvet. Once they start rubbing, they disperse and get harder and harder to pinpoint until the rut.

From: Buglmin
What areas are you looking at? The area north of Williams lake, once you go over the divide, is unit 76...the areas towards Hossik and Granite lake gets lots of hikers, and once you cross the divide, youre in unit 76...look at maps and the boundaries before you start planning...

From: Spiker
I hunted that area for deer and/or elk the last 6 years. Base camp was at Cimarrona. Going to hunt a different part of the state this year because we finally drew tags. Anyhow- I agree that the very beginning of season is best for muley bucks. There are a lot of nice ones up there so dont be tempted to just shoot the first one you see. (unless he IS thee ONE.) On elk I have done better towards the end of the archery season. Also be sure to be prepared for severe weather. The rain/hail/lightning storms that pass thru there every Sept. are nothing short of magnificent.! Altho a bit shorts wetting... ...

From: HiMtnHnter
Yeah, early as everyone else said . . . Look HIGH!

From: Spiker
Got yer pm and responded but not sure it went thru...

From: Spiker
Brunse - got your last pm but kept getting error messages when I typed ya back so...???...

Did you get my email? If so just get ahold of me there.

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