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Wenaha East Achery bull elk tag
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From: TreeWalker
Drew this tag and looking forward to hearing some bugles down in the alder thickets!

From: Dreaming Big
Congrats. A great tag to have. How many points did it take?

From: ohtajj
So you're the one who drew my tag! Haha. Congrats, hope to see some pics and a story so that we can live vicariously through you. How many points to draw it?

From: TreeWalker
I had 6 points as resident after 2011 Quality Bull draw.

Got my maps in the mail yesterday and drew the outline for Elk Area 2009. Probably will do ultralight hiking/camping for this hunt. Assume the elk will be in south edges. Any idea if is better to hunt early or late in the Sept 1-19 season?

From: ohtajj
I would imagine the later in September you get the better the rutting action will get. If you get out and scout it though I would think your chances of putting a nice bull down are pretty darn good no matter when you get out there. If it were me I would probably try to go for the last week to 10 days but it depends on how much time you have to be in the woods.

From: Dreaming Big
I would go the last two weeks.

From: TreeWalker
Thanks for the info!

From: JLS
I'd hunt all 19 days. Anytime in that period can be good, it will depend more on the weather patterns than anything.

From: stickflngr

stickflngr's embedded Photo
stickflngr's embedded Photo
Bumped into this guy about a 1/4 mile from the Misery campground on the lick creek side. We also ran into 8-10 cows. I got into a couple bulls in the Wenaha side just off rd 40 last year. Congats on your tag and good luck. If your up around the Misery spr. campground stop by and say hi and Ill let ya know if we have seen anything. Kenny

From: TreeWalker
Appreciate the picture. Looks like wonderful country to hike around. I will be up there looking around in a few weeks.

From: ohtajj
So when did you decide to head out there, treewalker? I hope there will be pictures/ a good story up soon!

From: TreeWalker
Appreciate the interest. I drive over late on 14th after wrap up family and work responsibilities. Will hunt 15-19. Going into an area outside the portion of the unit where the active outfitter operates. Should be plenty of room for everyone but the tags went up from 3 to 11 this year and might be some deer or bear hunters scouting so I am attempting to find some elbow room.

I feel ready. I hike now with a 72# pack and comfortably cover 4 miles at 22-25 minutes per mile so figure can get the meat out in 3-4 trips in less than a 24 hour cycle should a bull step inside 50 yards for me. I have been shooting broadheads out to 60 yards with 10" or tighter groups even with a crosswind at times so am confident in my bow.

I will be hunting solo though am taking a satellite phone for the first time on a hunt and will send/check for texts each night. I am taking in a spotting scope/tripod but thought a bit about just taking binos. I got a small pack cover for the bow to protect the springs when hiking. The gear is set, weighed and ready to go.

Looking forward to some time in the woods. Has been 19 months since my last hunt but have 4 hunts this fall. The Wenaha hunt is the one that is most challenging so will be memorable!

Good luck everyone on your trips into the woods.

From: elktracker

You have a great tag and opportunity for a good bull. Many hunters have dreamed of this hunt. How much scouting have you done? Unless you have been in that unit you are in for a surprise. You will struggle with a 70lb pack and your 22 minute miles will only work going downhill on a good trail which there are very few of. Then try the climb back uphill. All the access to the Washington side on Wenaha East is from the top, that means any meat packing you do will be uphill. Those big bulls do not spend time by the road. If the outfitter you mention is WLO he is a straight shooter and I have talked to him many times. With the number of tags increased the pressure should be greater, however it is a big unit and your starting the 15 will find some hunters on their way home. Hope to see some good results to your hunt.

From: TreeWalker

Appreciate the info. I agree will be uphill over course of last 2 miles on way out to the North and speed will be slower. About 2500' of gain. I hiked Camelback in AZ as part of my training and actually make better time going up than down the steep stuff.

I put in for this hunt because it was a wilderness hunt. I have been on hunts were you bump into someone at top each ridge. I dislike the sound of ATVs and door slamming by road hunters. Hunting hard for 5 days is plenty for me to have a memorable time.

I will get flamed by some folks but I will not pass on a mature 300" bull when am hunting solo with my bow. Hit 40s over there last week for one night. Could be epic.

Yep, WLO is straight shooter. Wish Dave could operate border to border. The NW commercial zone for WLO is rather small and a request for exception stalled with the Forest Service. There was also a chance he needed to leave before sundown on 19th.

Appreciate the feedback.


From: TreeWalker
Headed to the hunt tomorrow. Anyone heard of any bulls on the ground yet? 10 other hunters with this tag and season began 2 weeks ago.

From: Yendor
I think I would have asked for more vacation time. With that tag I hope 3 days is enough. Good luck. We want pictures.

From: elktracker
I was talkiing to Dave from WLO he has packed 5 bulls this season. Four from the East Wenaha and a real nice Tucannon bull. 2 of the east bulls were 360 plus and had some unique racks. His hunters are done for archery season and went 3 for 4 successful. Really pleased with the season.

From: elktracker
It has been a week since the season closed, we want a report on your hunt TreeWalker.

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