Carbon Express Arrows
Unit 411 Snowy Mountains
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lawman7 29-Jul-12
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lawman7 16-Aug-12
From: lawman7
Can anyone tell me if the snowy mtn are worth hunting for Elk.I have never hunted the unit and thought it would be worth askin about.Thanks...... Jim

Only if you have a permit.

From: glacier
Access is very difficult to come by im much of the 411 and 511 districts. There is some forest and BLM, but the habitat in the area I am familiar with is mostly on the private land. Before you start putting in for the permit, I would recommend asking around about places that might allow access...

On the plus side, there are plenty of elk in the area and there are some big bulls!

From: lawman7
Thanks for the replys. If I read the regs correct then My permit is good for that area since they lumped a bunch of HD's together this year. The reason I asked about this unit is that I lost my hunting area in 705 that I usualy hunt.. Did not know there was so much private in the area.. Thanks again..

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