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Flint Knapping
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Archaeologist 02-Aug-12
Bowhunter0132 06-Aug-12
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a Flint knapping course in the Maryland area? Or, a flint knapper that is willing to teach this art? I need it for my archaeology studies. Thanks! :)

I have a good buddy who is dabling in flint knapping. He is not pro and is still learning the art, but he's always happy to pass on what he has learned. He tells me all about it and gets really excited about the various rocks and such (boring to me) but I humor him and check out his latest arrow head. He is also making his own long bows, took a course on and has tanned several deer hides (no idea what to do with them afterwards, but it's fun to him) and is contimplating taking his homemade bow, and arrow heads on a late season hunt. He lives in Hampstead. If you local to that area, we can link up and go over there if you want. He also is an avid archer and bowhunter with about 20 3-D targets set up that we shoot on all the time.

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