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Unit 4 lost horses
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CO1 23-Sep-12
Bullwinkle 24-Sep-12
BuckMaxx 24-Sep-12
CO1 08-Oct-12
CO1 26-Oct-12
Jaquomo_feral 26-Oct-12
Chris Roe 29-Oct-12
From: CO1
Two horses have been lost in unit 4 on County Road 82, two miles east of Brush Mountain Lodge(Wispering Pines). They were last seen on the National Forest boundary. One is a black hosre with a white saddle pannier and the other is brown with a saddle. If found/seen please contact me at Thanks

From: Bullwinkle
Any brands or identifying marks?

You might try reporting it to the brand inspector for the area. His phone number is 970-824-6676. That way if anything is reported to him, he can contact you.

From: BuckMaxx
I had two I would have like too lost.

From: CO1
With the upcoming rifle season coming up would everyone keep their eyes open for these horses. Thanks!

From: CO1
The horses were found by a couple of rifle hunters two miles for the spot I last saw them. The saddle horse was in good shape with minimal weight loss and a few saddle sores(saddle was still on the horse). The pack horse was in pretty rough shape. It still had the saddle, pannier, and meat still on the horse. The hunters found the horse lying on his side twisted up in the tack. The horse’s lead rope was caught on a log and it looked like he was there for quite some time. The hunters thought the horse was dead when they approached it. They cut the tack off and the horse sprang to his feet immediately and started leading the saddle horse down the mountain. Besides losing about 200lbs the pack horse had a VERY DEEP withers would from the saddle/pannier rubbing for five weeks. The horses were taken to a vet the next day and are both in good spirits and recovering very well.

Wow - great to hear they made it. Amazing that the pack horse was able to survive after all that. Thanks for following up with the result. Glad you recovered them.

From: Chris Roe
Holy SMOKES! Glad they/you found them! At least for us and OUR horses, they're like family members, so I couldn't IMAGINE going through that!!!! ...I've only had one night so far in 12+ years that I had to go search for horses, but I found them fairly quickly. Luckily a locked gate stopped them, so I was lucky. Glad you found them.


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