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2012 Rut Report
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Green Country 05-Nov-12
Stinkbait1 06-Nov-12
Quailhunter 06-Nov-12
hoytokie 06-Nov-12
Gonzo 07-Nov-12
tactical 15-Nov-12
hickorycreekarcher 15-Nov-12
Okiebowdoc 17-Nov-12
Troy/OK 19-Nov-12
Okiebowdoc 20-Dec-12
Seeing any signs of the rut?

I've had some checking scrapes more frequently on my cam, and others on my lease have seen some chasing.

From: Stinkbait1
Up until last week all my activity was at night. Several guys on my lease reported bucks just crusing but no chasing yet. I hunt south of Bixby.

From: Quailhunter
Shot a nice buck at Atoka WMA on a controlled hunt this weekend. Very little movement. He was following a doe, but not chasing. Had a bald spot on his chest.

Have some new deer showing up on camera on Rogers Co. during daylight hours.

From: hoytokie
Its been the same here in Garvin County. I've seen a few cruisers, a few new bucks on trail cams, and maybe slight increase on scrapes.

From: Gonzo
We began to see a lot of chasing and harassing and scraping on 10/20/2012. We saw following/tending begin on 10/27/2012 and scrapes started drying up. We saw a few bucks tending but not actually chasing throughout the 9 day muzzleloader season with several kills on our lease of Mature bucks. This is Southern Cherokee Cty, Northern Sequoyah Cty.

Up here at home Near Tahlequah the bucks seem to just now be chasing and harassing the does. Saw a true giant yesterday chasing a doe on my way to work and saw a couple of smaller bucks chasing this morning on the way in...

From: tactical
Bucks are chasing hard in central ok. full blown rut !!

I started seeing bucks chasing yesterday 11-14 first time. It was a nice 8 pnt. in my front yard of all places.saw a couple since.ardmore area H.C.A.

From: Okiebowdoc
Its on out west seen 2 good bucks chasing hard this morning and a lot of smaller ones the gun hunters will have a great week Dang it.Good luck to all

From: Troy/OK
Morning of the 16th - doe comes in (45 yards) looking over her shoulder. Within 5 minutes I have one doe, 3 bucks, and a yearling running all around me. Closest they came in was right at 40 yards but most of the time they stayed at around 60ish. Bucks were a big 8 (120 - 130 class - brain couldn't process with all the activity), a short 6 (nice body size but had really short tines), and a 1.5 year old forkie (totally clueless but had to run with the big boys).

Stayed in the immediate vicinity for about 10 minutes total and never offered a shot other than the big 8 broadside at 65 yards. They finally left along the edge of a pond for another strip of timber about 200 yards away where they continued their chase. Doe was hot, just not ready to stand.

Later saw a lone yearling, then a doe with a yearling in tow. No shot opportunities.

Went back to the same location on Saturday with a rifle and only saw one doe w/ a yearling - and they were not in the mood to walk. They were on a fast trot at 80 yards and not about to slow down. Was thinking something might be on her tail, but nothing showed.


From: Okiebowdoc
2nd rut action last 2 days out west not alot but some chasing going on Custer County

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