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RD Bailey Camping?
West Virginia
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Turk 11-Nov-12
Little Bear 12-Nov-12
Turk 12-Nov-12
gobbler 13-Nov-12
From: Turk
I used to hunt Pinnacle Creek, (before the 4-wheeler trail sytem) and RD Bailey.

I have not been down there for severaly years but am considering going down and checking it out some the next few weeks.

Is there any tent camping available near RD Bailey?

I found the following researching past threads, = ""The ranger at R.D. Bailey did tell me of the primitive camping there in hunting season and how the WBVA had paid for the portable toilet in the past.""

Is there any tent camping still available, or are they completely closed for the season?

Thanks for any advice!


From: Little Bear
Not sure Scott. If you can call ahead to check might be worth it. WVBA has not been notified about the need for keeping camping facility open for a couple years, so I'm not sure if the lack of use may have contributed to not extending the primitive camping area dates.

From: Turk
Thanks Ed,

I tried to call them earlier but think that I called too late. I can stay in Pineville but would just rather stay on site. I'm in a blind with my grandson now, so hopefully I will be too busy with deer to worry about it tomorrow :-)

Thanks again!

From: gobbler
I used to kinda of keep up with RD Bailey when Gene Thorn was the biologist there. Since he left to go to French Creek I don't know who the biologist is there and haven't kept up on it. If you call the district 4 office in Macarthur(Beckley), they should be able to tell you.

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