Preliminary deer harvest totals
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spike78 02-Jan-13
From: spike78
Preliminary reports on the 2012 paraplegic, archery, and shotgun deer season results have been compiled though some game check stations have yet to report their tallies. During the special three-day deer hunting season for paraplegic hunters, 4 deer were taken. For the archery deer season, an unofficial statewide total of 3,879 deer were checked at game check stations. The Western District office tallied 314 deer while Connecticut Valley District office reported 408. Central District stations checked 655 deer; Northeast District, 1190; and Southeast District checked 1,312 deer. During the statewide shotgun season, licensed deer hunters checked in an unofficial statewide total of 4,945 deer. The breakdown of the total is: Western District, 638; Connecticut Valley District, 731; Central District, 1,074; Northeast District, 911; and Southeast District, 1,591. In addition to the shotgun season total above, the DCR Quabbin Reservation reported 84 deer taken during their deer hunt. Preliminary muzzleloader season figures will be reported later this winter. All reported figures are preliminary; the final, official harvest numbers will not be available until later in 2013

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