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Drone hunting
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OregonBowman 09-Feb-13
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swede 11-Feb-13
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Redeye 12-Feb-13
From: OregonBowman
I recently found out that some hunters are using drones to find deer or elk, They would fly their drones just high enough above the trees to scout for animals and when they locate them, they would go after them. Myself, I think this is wrong, I consider this being unfair chase. It seems that more and more hunting isn’t really hunting like it was meant to be. I don’t know for sure, but I hope ODFW will say this is illegal, if you use such a device, you have to wait 24 hrs.’ to go after the animals just as if you were flying in plane.

From: swede
I agree with you Oregonbowman. Cheap drones with cameras are now available. I just read in Time magazine that soon they will be adding GPS to some. How would the 24 hour rule be enforced, especially if someone has a nonhunter friend, with the drone, who just passes on information. I think the drone could be a great scouting tool, but they should never be allowed for hunting. Just how can they be effectively stopped?

From: WapitiBob
Oregon regs:

No person shall:

Hunt within eight hours of communicating with or receiving information on the location of game mam mals from an aircraft. For the purpose of this rule “aircraft” includes unmanned aircraft such as drones.

From: rocreek
They can't be effectively stopped, Poaching is illegal but still happens. I think it's wrong to use them to. Hopefully they will impose a huge penalty if caught with one.

From: Redeye
Will I also don't agree with the drones. I have heard of people using small helicopters way before the drones came out.

But along the same lines I don't care for the fact ODFW bust up the herds during are hunting also. Fair game chase rules should be followed by them too.

They say they don't drop bang grenades to bust them up. Will I have one that was dropped and was a dud. the second one they dropped in front of me though did go off.

Pisses me off , I had made that stalk from 150 yrds out the morning and was with in 60 yrds when they showed up do that crap.

I play by the rules and I pay my fees so why in the hell do they get to F with the herds during season.

So do I blame the guy that does that? No. Do I agree that it's right NO. like you said how do we stop it on both sides?

From: swede
Redeye: How do you know it was ODF&W that was dropping the grenades? Just curious. I wish they would drop grenades near the elk, that congregate on the ranches where I can't hunt, and send them back on public land.

From: ORrogue
Jeez with the title of the thread being "Drone Hunting" I thought we might have a new season added to the books. Some flu flu's and blunts might be fun to knock them out of the sky with.


From: Redeye
Because it's stamped on the side of the thing. Plus the side of the helicopter. I'll see if I can find it. I saw it around here a few months back. I'll get a photo of it up as soon as I find it. :)

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