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L.E. Stemmler Bow
New York
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From: seaside

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seaside's embedded Photo
I have an L.E. Stemmler wooden long bow. I am not sure of the age, guessing late 50's early 60's.

Is of solid wood, 4' long has some material handle. The name: L.E. STEMMLER MANORVILLE NY

is stamped on the bow. I cannot find any number or other markings.

I am curious as to its worth. Does anyone have any information.

From: SJJ
Get this over on the Leatherwall trad forum....gobs of knowledge & info there...

From: CurveBow
You could also email George Catlin at Tollgate Bowhunting in West Winfield NY, he knows quite a bit about traditionalbows...

George's email -


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