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Bigred 13-Aug-13
Bowhunter0132 14-Aug-13
bohunr 22-Jul-15
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pelagicide 05-Feb-18
From: Bigred
Anyone ever do a DIY sika hunt with bow on either fishing boy or taylors island? need some help for my trip im planning when I exit army

Are you looking for a self guided public land thing, or a self guided pay as you hunt place? I don't know much about that area at all, but can probably get you started in the right direction.

From: bohunr
I'm new to the area I could take some pointers on where to go for Sika Archery Deer hunting

From: Allegheny04
Good luck. When I lived in Maryland several years ago I was in a lease outside Vienna and was fortunate enough to take a few stags and hinds while in that club. Would also step off on the fishing bay wma occasionally and had success there as well. There are a tough animal to hunt at best, very thick cover mostly nocturnal and very heavily pressured. find the thickest cover you find on the public ground you choose and invest in a good pair of chest waders as well a thermocell !

From: bohunr
I'd agree there I did purchase a hunt at the Maryland Bow hunters Auction last year for 2 and took my son and he saw 1 Hind and I didn't see anything but they were on the cameras every night and different spots they had during the day just didn't work out. I didn't see any but 2 other hunters in camp harvested 2 small stags. Saw plenty on the side of the road every night on the way into to Cambridge for dinner. I'm going to try some spots in the early season next year.

From: Bogie
Blackwater archery permit only 20 bucks lots of prime area to hunt.

From: pelagicide
I am interested in a hunting lease for Sika’s, can anyone point me in the right direction?

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