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Lanny 10-Nov-15
moon 26-Feb-16
Paul@thefort 28-Feb-16
From: Lanny
Has anyone solved the problem of shooting with glasses?My contacts are giving me fits with blurring on my pins and I haven't been able to shoot with my glasses on. Now I am moving to bifocals with a whole new set of problems. It has cost me two deer already this fall. Up for any suggestions. Lanny

From: moon
learn to shoot instinctively

From: Paul@thefort
Lenny, I have the same issue with blurring pins.

You can try a Peep Verifier lens at different powers. The lens is located with the peep site.

What i did is purchase a low powered pair of reading glasses at 1/4 power which I ordered on line for 21$. Solved the blurring pins issue. The target is lightly blurred. May not work for all eyes.

I also just switched to a one pin sight with a green pin. The green shows up so much better, and no multi pin issues.

my best, Paul

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