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When is the rut in SC?
South Carolina
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JIMBOW 27-Nov-16
r-man 28-Feb-17
cut2cure 03-Mar-17
catahoola kerr 06-Oct-17
Lowcountry 09-Oct-17
I'm from Utah and have a friend that has land north of Columbia. Just curious when the rut is in that part of the country?



From: r-man
be in the woods in Oct. from 2nd week on , every day .

From: cut2cure
Was in a club in Fairfield County last week October first week November were consistently good

back when we had cold weather last week Oct first week Nov was good.Where I am hunting in Blair they got started around the middle of Oct and got heavy mid Nov but I took an old ragedy 6 point 165 lb that was chasing a doe in December last year. On another note.The last several years tons of acorns.This year not one !

From: Lowcountry
Yes, North of Columbia, the rut is last of Oct.-first of Nov.. In the coastal region, the rut starts first of October.

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