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Kansas Hunting Inn
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fenceman 16-Mar-17
smoke 02-Nov-17
Billbe 21-Dec-17
From: fenceman
I have the opportunity to purchase a 9 cabin inn for a great price in North Central Kansas. I have been staying at this inn for the last 10 years Now the owner has moved to Colorado and wants to sell. It makes money with very little marketing and has the potential to make much more. It sits next to one of the best walleye and crappie lakes in the Midwest, and has a 12,000 acres public hunting area within walking distance. I'm looking to see if there is anyone who may want to partner up with me. Pm me.

From: smoke
What part of Kansas, unit county, town? I have been to Kansas every year since 1991. I hunt in unit 17? I may be interested depending on the scenario?

From: Billbe
yes, need a few details?

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