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New to ohio
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From: Marine0351
Just moved from Oklahoma to Ohio. Any suggestions on leases or public land, maybe where to stay away from. Live in alliance ohio...thanks for the input

From: buc i 313
Welcome to the Buckeye State.

I'm not familiar with that part of the state so I cannot give any advice.

Good luck with your search.

From: Marine0351
Thanks for the reply. What about public hunting around you. High pressure?

From: Treerat
Ohio Public gets a lot of pressure, guys from almost every state travel to Ohio public each year, find the areas where the others aren't hunting and you'll find the deer. It's going to take a lot of legg work and some cyber scouting. Some great bucks are killed on public every year. Leasing is pretty expensive, expect to pay 20-30 dollars an acre. Or you can do what I do and knock on doors. I've hunted Ohio since 1987 and always have permission on at least 3 farms just by asking. Most will say no but you only need one yes to have a place to hunt. Maybe start off by asking for permission to kill ground hogs build a relationship with the farmer, most farmers are more than happy to let you hunt pests like groundhogs geese and coyotes.


well if u need a lease maybe I can help

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