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States proposed trailcam rules change?
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From: kwickee

kwickee's embedded Photo
Some unbelievable moments caught on my trailcam.
kwickee's embedded Photo
Some unbelievable moments caught on my trailcam.
Any thoughts on states proposed rule change on trailcam?

From: Timberline
I like it. No different than spotting game from the air and either hunting them yourself or giving the location to someone on the ground, which is illegal. Hunting is supposed to be a challenge. If you want it to be easy, go to a game farm. Just my 2 cents worth.

From: Machias
I think the trail camera ban is ridiculous. They don't impact harvest numbers. Montana outlawed them during the seasons a couple of years ago and their harvests stats did not change at all. I have a blast checking out the photos. Doesn't make me hunt any less harder than before I got a couple of trail cameras.

From: kwickee
Thank you for the input. I wont lie. I enjoy my time in the field checking my field cams. But I also see the advantage it gives me in the chase. Hopefully we can find equal ground.

From: Machias

Machias's Link

From: Machias

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Results of the Idaho F&G survey.

From: Sarge
I disagree with some of their reasoning and restrictions. As long as the trail cam cannot transmit by itself to a central station, it should not be restricted.

From: larv
I believe the F&G Commission made no changes to the proposed electronic regulations... Larv

From: Habitat1
Just how do trail cams that you check every week or so really help you with harvesting?it just tells you what animal walked by a week ago or a few days ago.They may or may not come back.And it is alot different than spotting from and directing another hunter to the animal

I love my trail cams. They let me know what and or who is walking around my ranch. I sure don't see how they can help anyone with hunting since the game is constantly moving. I agree with habitat1

From: Jslapro
I haven’t ran any cameras in Idaho as of yet. Just moved here two weeks ago. I used cameras a lot when I hunted in Alabama just to help me see what bucks were in the area and choose the bucks to take that year off the property. Not sure how they will help me out here. Other than watching a bait site during bear season. I know the white tail change patterns so much during and after rut that relying on what was on the cameras from week to week being in the area still was not reliable. But I agree with everyone about, getting into the woods to see what walked by your camera is always fun.

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