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2017 DMP Availability and Probability
New York
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CAMP DAVID 29-Jul-17
Pat Lefemine 30-Jul-17
GetEmDrake 30-Jul-17
Yasla 12-Aug-17

The 2017 DMP Availability just got posted. The link is attached. I for one would like to thank Jeremy Hurst for keeping the DMP's in 9X low. IMO....the deer heard there still has a ways to go to rebound there. Please state your unit and your thoughts on this year's quotas.

From: Pat Lefemine
6k is pretty much unchanged as far as I can tell. Low odds for residents and no chance for nonresidents.

I'm not seeing a lot of deer yet this year but have seen a few fawns.

From: GetEmDrake

GetEmDrake's embedded Photo
GetEmDrake's embedded Photo
I gotta say 7R is looking good. I've never seen so many fawns (especially twins) on my trail cameras. Solid bachelor groups. Lots of does without fawns too. We're excited.

From: Yasla
tough to get one in 8T but that is OK, no issue with it though it seems deer are everywhere. I know a few guys with 1 PP that did not draw again, others did.

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