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New mn bowhunter
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Kindred 23-Sep-17
arlone 25-Sep-17
Amoebus 26-Sep-17
12yards 26-Sep-17
From: Kindred
I am new to hunting with bow in the twin cities was looking for some help to find deer and learn better hunting spots any help would be great

From: arlone
Hi Kindred, welcome aboard. Sorry I can't help, as I've never hunted around the Cities. There are Wildlife Management Areas close by. Also the Metro Resource …don't know rest of the name. Maybe you could check out bow shops, archery organizations and such for information. Minn. Bowhunters Inc. may have some info that would help also.

From: Amoebus
There is a public land map for the cities area that will show the areas you can hunt but prepare to see lots of people. Put a million people near your hunting spots and the deer get pretty smart. I don't hunt any public land near the cities until late Nov/Dec and then they clear off.

Advice? Apply for the park hunts as they will have less people. Good luck.

From: 12yards
Here is an interactive resource for lands in MN.

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