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2018 Antelope Hunt -Tongue River Outfitt
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bas 14-Oct-17
hiredgun 25-Oct-17
Topgun 30-06 31-Oct-17
From: bas
My dad, cousin, and I have booked a 2018 archery antelope hunt with Tongue River Outfitters near Ranchester, WY. Has anyone on here hunted with or know them? Seems like a great group of guys but just looking for any feedback. Thanks.

From: hiredgun
I was born and raised in Ranchester and have never heard of them. Looked them up and seems like they are willing to work hard to make it successful hunt. Good luck.

From: Topgun 30-06
If they have access to one or more of the decent size ranches in the unit up in that area, you should fill your tags with good bucks. There are tons of antelope in that unit especially as you drive the freeway from Buffalo up through the Dayton/Ranchester area.

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