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Thursday or Friday?
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Bowbender 08-Nov-17
Bowhunting 5C 08-Nov-17
Pyrannah 09-Nov-17
Bowbender 09-Nov-17
From: Bowbender
OK guys, I have one more day to take this week. I'm looking for a doe, my son, a buck. Friday is supposed to be a high of 37 with 17 mph winds. Thursday is a high of 50 with light winds. Not real concerned with the temps on Friday, but the wind, ugh, I hate it when it's that windy. OTOH, it's nice to have a three day weekend, hunt two days back to back. Decisions decisions....

In the woods is where you need to be, at this time of year and them finally starting to get moving during daylight, there really is no bad time...

From: Pyrannah
What did u choose

From: Bowbender
Saw nine today. :) Five this morning. Had two doe bed down about twenty yards away around 9:30am. My son saw a spike that was acting like he got his ass handed to him. Finally left around 12. Four doe this afternoon. All the doe, except for one, looked fairly young. Don't know if the mature does are hooked up with buck or not.

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