Summit Treestands
How do you handle
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Tenderfoot 11-Nov-17
Franklin 11-Nov-17
Woods Walker 18-Nov-17
Lynn Wilcox 19-Nov-17
From: Tenderfoot
You're in a stand overlooking a cut bean field. Several doe come in to feed and as it gets dark they are still there feeding. Your truck is diagonally across the field. What do you do?

From: Franklin
With it being the rut they are tired of being chased....try a couple of buck grunts and see if you can push them. If you wait until dark....crouch over in the shape of a deer and start grunting as you walk/trot across the field. Just try not to look or walk like a human.

From: Woods Walker
.......OR a doe! That might not end well for you.

From: Lynn Wilcox
If at all possible, find another way out. I have walked over 1/2 mile out of my way in the dark, to not spook/educate deer. I also agree.....bending over on your way out when you might be seen, also helps break up your human outline.

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