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Public Land?
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BirchBuck 12-Nov-17
Zim1 12-Nov-17
Dusktildawn 12-Nov-17
BirchBuck 13-Nov-17
From: BirchBuck
Just recently got stationed in Northern Illinois for the Navy, I am currently active duty and recently discovered public land hunting is like finding a needle in a haystack stack or it's over run! If anyone has any tips or ideas or even if anybody is willing to let me tag a long or even allow me to hunt some land would be perfect! Thanks!

From: Zim1
Sorry but the remnants of quality remaining from 20 years ago were pissed away this year by our legislators new 3 month gun season through the entire rut. That will snuff out anything remaining. Best bet now is save for a lease, seriously. Next will be expansion of the fake nonresident quota. Watch for that next year.

From: Dusktildawn
There are still many publis spots worth hunting but you have to donyour homework and be willing to put some miles on your boots and stay mobile. Couple of us will be out all day every day next week on some public spots. I will post what we see and harvest. Good luck and be safe

From: BirchBuck
Well I appreciate it guys, I'm hunting chain o lakes today and will definitely be putting some miles on the boots, will also post about what I see I wish y'all luck!

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