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Wes Wallace or Black widow?????
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From: wporegon
Goin back to the basics. Wes Wallace is a custom bow maker that lives approx. 12 miles from me in Beavercreek. Eyecandy!!! But I cant seem to find a forum or anything or anybody who has shot and or hunted with them. Any body????

From: Cornbread
I shoot a Wes Wallace longbow and LOVE it! Get the takedown option if you buy one. I actually have two of his longbows but my brother has my other one in ND with him. I have the 66" model. Nice bows! Can't say enough good about them.

From: Mitch
I also had a wes wallace Royal longbow, very nice bow, smooth and quick, sold it cause it was a little to low in draw weight for me....

From: Snag
You are comparing the Black Widow and the I am assuming you are looking at recurves? As a personal observation, I think the Black Widows are plain ugly! I know a lot of guys love them...just don't look like a bow to me. Wes builds a great bow for the money. If you go on you will get lots of opinions. You should call Wes and drive over to his shop and shoot one. A lot of it is personal perference. One guy might like the grip on a riser and another guy can't live with it!

From: sagesniper
Snag may be a bit harsh when he calls Black Widows that awful name. He is however correct when he says to give Wes a call and go shoot a few if you have the Opportunity. My buddy has a Wes Wallace and says its the best bow he has ever owned. It is kinda easy on the eyes also. In MY opinion you could buy a better looking bow than a Black Widow, but then (All that glitters is not gold.) I happen to think that in the the right hands my Widow Walks the Walk!!!!!!!

From: Joe Klink
The best advice is to buy what fits you right.

However...Wes builds a masterpiece of a bow and I HIGHLY recommend you give him a call and visit his shop. He has a range you can shoot some demo bows on and I'd almost guarantee you'll leave with less money in your pocket! :)

He's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life and that makes it so much easier to make a down payment! :)

From: Bowhuntert
Wes bulids one heck of a bow. Black widows are faster IMO. Did not like their long bows at all. Wes's bows are definetly more purdy, and with him you can get one that is custom to you. Black widows are all the same not real custom Just my two cents.

From: Santiam
I killed my first recurve elk and buck with a Wallace Mentor..

Go Wallace...

From: Darmah SS

Is Osama in that cave too (lol)?

Everybody knows you can't go wrong with a W.W. bow.

Follow the sage advice you have been given and get a widow later when you get your inheritance.


Look at Norm Johnson's bows as well..

From: snag

snag's embedded Photo
snag's embedded Photo
Sorry about calling them ugly...just my opinion.

I agree with BHUNTNELK. If you can go with some extra cash look up Norm. I have 2 of his and one on order. For me he makes the perfect bow! Craftsmanship is top notch and they shoot great.

From: grey wolf
wes is a great guy and builds a great bow. seeing as he's just down the road from you i think it would be a good way to start. he can help you with arrows, shooting and other stuff. oh yeah, did i mention that he builds a great bow?

From: death
The only bow that I ever experienced that drew and shot smoother than my Black Widow was a Habu. Then one day I found myself up above the Clackamas walking down the road with another recurve shooter who carried an identical size and weight recurve as I, and it looked good too. That may have been the smoothest drawing bow that I have ever held. It was a Wes Wallace. The one Blacktail bow that I held looked great but stacked bad. The two elk I killed didn't seem to mind the looks of my Black Widow.

From: Snag
19-Jul-08 we go....I said I was sorry. I will try and keep those types of comments to myself...didn't think before opening mouth. Ever do that? lol

From: Kurve

Kurve's embedded Photo
Kurve's embedded Photo
Here's a recent purchase.... WW brown Stealth model with Bubinga accents, checkered grip and antler tips.

180 fps with 9.4 gpp, 28" draw and a B50 dacron string. Wes shipped the bow with a D97 and I haven't even tried it yet. In the past with other bows, a D97 has yielded 3-5 fps more. With the B50 though, my WW is whisper quiet, literally. It's the quietest bow I have owned/shot.

From: bent arrow
I sure dont have any problem shooting my liberty longbow.Allen did a great job with it.I shot a recurve for years and this longbow is hard to beat.I would suggest shooting a few different bows before dropping the cash,get the best you can afford from the get go and you will save money in the long run.

From: ron
still have the itch for another longbow. I have had three wesley specials but couldn't be consistent with them. Tried a Jet longbow and was happy with the accuracy but at my 26 inch draw, could only get l45 ft per sec at 42# with a 400 gr arrow. Ron. email

From: Two Feathers
Given the two choices, Wes Wallace.

From: razorhead
I always wanted a wes Wallace bow..... had one in my hand at Johnsonville shoot, once, shot like a dream,the price tag was 425, went home and got the money. and the guy changed his mind........

two feathers, the last trad shoot at whitetail archers had nobody, it is a dying event......

From: Pasquinell
This thread is strange. Ended in 2008 and majority of posters are from west coast. Wes for me.

If you reverse the order on the mobile version it toggles between OR and WI bowsites. Crazy stuff. Pat must have crossed the streams or something and broken the Matrix.

From: Bigwoods
I got a Wes Wallace Mentor takedown recurve last year. I have owned many including Silvertip, Palmer, Habu, RER, Marriah, etc. The Wes Wallace is right there at the top with my Habu. It is just as fast or faster that a Black Widow and much prettier. I would highly recommend one. Wes is a great guy to boot

From: Bobbin hood
Either the Wallace or Blacktail you can't go wrong. I have two of Norms bows(Blacktails)and LOVE"M! There is going to be a Trad. shoot the first week end. in Aug. at Rib Mountain. Go and you can shoot many different kinds and get a good idea of what you want!

Hope this Helps!

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