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when will oregon allow us to use rage br
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From: lilly tia
when will Oregon let us used rage brad heads I see nothing wrong with them

From: swede
I don't think Oregon could, should or would permit mechanical broad-heads by model or brand name. If they are ever permitted, it will be based on certain measurable characteristics or as a whole class. I am not sure if bow hunters as a whole want them. If the idea gains enough support, then bow hunters would do well to get OHA and OBH behind the proposal and get them to petition the commission. Of coarse it goes without saying being a member of one or both of these excellent organizations helps.

From: lilly tia
other states permit them

From: RJ Hunt
"other states permit them"

Good grief

Don't classify the thread debate free then try to debate the topic.

From: lilly tia
they make a bigger cut and a better blood trail

From: Snag
So does a bazooka. If you stalk close to your prey and make an accurate shot is this RAGE thing really necessary? For decades bowhunters have done just fine without this.

Swede and Snag hit it right in the head. I'll take my Shuttle T's over a mechanical any day of the week. My deer I got was 45 yard shot hard quartering too. The shuttle t blew through both shoulders complete pass through. The deer staggered 5 yards and was done

From: swede
Being fully aware that this is a debate free thread, I will offer this advise. Anyone can solve their perceived need for a mechanical broad-head, by properly tuning their bow and arrows. There are folks here that can help if need be. The bow and the arrow are both critical. You can get the broad-heads to hit at the same location as your field points. A good sharp 1 1/8+ inch diameter, three or four blade broad-head, placed in the vitals will cause a quick humane kill.

From: OTT2
Well said Swede

From: mr.m2

From: Griff
I have seen the Rage work and I have seen them not work. So the first question you have to ask your self is are you willing to take a gamble that this point will work as advertised every time. There is no guarantee that the blades will deploy as intended. The other biggest problem with these points is that quite often you don't get a complete pass through. Which leads to poor blood trails.

Like many others have said if you tune your bow and arrow to the broadhead you are shooting they will preform just as well and you do not have to gamble on weather the blades open and cut the way they say they will.

From: Bloodtrail
I have used both the NAP Spitfire and the RAGE broad head with excellent results!

They shoot straight and offer large wound channels!

Any state that does not allow them is operating in the dark ages!

They are both devastating broad heads capable of killing a host of large game animal's!

I don't work for RAGE nor do I work for NAP....

Hard to believe they are not allowed...WOW!

As far as a "pass through" - name me one Broad head that gets a pass through every time it hits an animal! It does not exists - I will tell you at 64 pounds I often do get a pass through!

From: Old Archer

Old Archer's embedded Photo
Old Archer's embedded Photo
I am a traditional archer, and have never used a mechanical broadhead. In fact the term tuning my bow or tuning my arrows seems a bit funny to me. I suppose practicing with the same weight field point as the broadhead I use could be considered tuning. And making sure I have practiced enough all year to hit the spot I am aiming at, that would be tuning as well. I have always used a rugged MA-3 blade or a Grizzly 3 blade all my life and find them easy to sharpen in the field, and as far as through and through, that has always been the norm unless I blew it and hit the deer in the horns, which I have done. LOL Brand new to this web place I am in Gold Beach and at 66 y/o I still love archery. Half the fun for me is making my arrows and my own strings and practicing. Bruce

From: Mt. man

I don't buy the hype, I eat elk!

From: Griff
Old Archer as far as tuning would be concerned with a traditional bow it would relate to setting your nock point at the proper height to get good arrow flight and maybe adjusting the brace height for the best arrow flight. I know both of these can have some affect on arrow flight and have played with this on my long bow and recurves. Only tried an expandable one time and that was enough for me to learn my lesson. I'm currently trying my had at a self bow and making stone points with rivercane arrows. Talk about the DARK AGES!!!

From: swede
Actually you can do quite a lot to tune your recurve bow. e.g. If the broad-heads hit to the left of your field points, your arrow spine is too stiff. For that problem increase your broad-head weight. If the broad-heads hit too far right, your arrow shaft is too soft. Decrease your broad-head weight.

From: Bloodtrail
Mt Man - I buy the RAGE and eat plenty of venison - to each there own but it still amazes me how people hate change.

On the WI forum there was a slew of guys that would bitch, piss and moan about mech blades - slowly the tide has turned and now you cannot find anyone bitching because they kill game - effectively and have been doing so for yeas!

From: Yendor
They will be allowed when Washington allows it. Never. Same as anything electronic on your bow or arrow. Washington did allow lighted nooks.

From: Gangster40
Not sure where I stand on this topic, Have done a lot of looking into it. Technically it takes a certain present of your k energy to open a mechanical broad head, so ,I think, bow's with low energy would have a problem with them. Where that magic number is I have not found info on. I have read that most modern bow go well past to have enough energy to pass through unless bone is hit, witch also is true for a lot of fixed blades. So that being said a well placed shot is the answer, for any broad head. As for a pass through equaling a better blood trail. I used to believe in this also, until two years ago. I shot an elk, quartering away, passed through, found arrow at spot where I shot him, had good blood for about 10 to 15 yards, by 20 to 25 yards there was no blood, but elk was down only about 15 yards away in a thicket. When I dressed him out found chest full of blood arrow had passed through both lungs, but had only slice through back edge of heart.

From: Yendor
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and many western states will not, hopefully ever allow them. Tune your bow and arrows and you won't have to use a mechanical. BH. Other states also all crossbows, that doesn't make it right for archery season.

From: WapitiBob
Some of us choose to use a mechanical because we've witnessed improved blood trails and quicker kills.

wouldn't bother me any.

From: 3 amegoats
I used muzzy fixed 3 blade broadheads for years, I still remember all the time it took to get 5 arrows and broadheads to fly straight, all the fletching had numbers on them so I knew which one flew the straightest, I switched to sacked broadheads and carbon express arrows, now I just take arrows and broadheads out of the box and hunt,m y brother and I are now tearing up arrows at 70 and 80 yards,talk about meat on the table.

From: Greg S
I personally have never shot an animal with a mechanical, but have heard of some studies that say recovery comes at a higher percentage than with a fixed blade. I would be in favor of allowing people to use whichever they prefer.

I use expandables on turkeys where I want to impede penetration. Its to much of a gamble for me to use them on anything else.

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