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Archery in Oregon
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Mazenblu3 16-May-16
gone2hunt 19-May-16
From: Mazenblu3
Hi, I'm new to Oregon and i'm having a hard time figuring out whats a limited draw unit, and draw unit and a general unit. I hunt just the early season for both black tail and elk. Any information would be a huge help.

From: gone2hunt
Get a copy of the Oregon Big Hunting Regulations (free) at any Sporting Goods store or Point of Sale outlet.

Page 66 for Archery Deer. Page 88 for Archery Elk.

There are many other rules that you really need to be aware of before heading out that are in the Regulations Magazine.

Study it, cover to cover.

Get the bird regs while you are at it. You might as well get yourself educated on those so you can feel comfortable with chasing an occasional grouse or..?

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