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Please help finding elk near Glen Avon.
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Springbuck 28-Aug-16
bohunr 30-Aug-16
RJ Hunt 11-Sep-16
Solo 07-Dec-16
From: Springbuck
Hey, Oregon hunters, it's Springbuck from Utah. I've been on the Stickbow for 20 years, but never over here.

My Oregon-based younger brother got access to some timber land over near Glen Avon. My first out-of-state hunt, and before he takes his family overseas for a few years. To me, this is a big money hunt. Almost OIAL

It's bordered west and south by the Molalla River, north by the Molalla N.Fork, and east by Lukens Creek, essentially. Apparently has a history of producing good elk.

He has scouted FIVE TIMES this summer, even borrowed a night vision set up, and hasn't seen ONE elk or found any sign. Driving at night listening for calls/bugles..Nada. He's hiked (crawled) in timber, glassed reprod, been high, low and middle, in steep canyons, and open tops..nada. Mostly around Pine Creek and Emerald Lake.

Can anybody give me a hint? If you want to keep your spot secret, help me out with advice about elevation, terrain type, or general info like that?

I'd be grateful. Grateful enough to send someone a selfbow as a present for info that pays off.

From: bohunr
Years ago we used to see lots of elk sign near cougar lake, not far from emerald lake. It's been closed off for years up there so there's probably not many people to give you advice. I head east in a week for the rest of the season, much better success there. Good luck, if you get one in the Molalla corridor you will have earned it !

From: RJ Hunt
The best I know about elk in that area is from my experience they are very nomadic. May be 200 head running around one day then You try to find them the next day they are 20 miles away, then 40 the next. I have never had luck finding elk in those parts of the cascades with any consistency. They may come around once every few weeks. Yes there are monsters up there but very difficult if not impossible to pattern. Hope you have better luck than me up there. Good luck.

From: Solo
Assuming you're talking about Glen Avon south of Molalla. If so, then, yes, there are some nice elk in the area. Some mighty thick & steep country to get to them usually. So be prepared. I recommend analyzing their locations on your topo maps thoroughly beforehand.

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