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Looking for hunting partners.
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Westfirmfg 14-Jan-17
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From: Westfirmfg
Hello, I'm looking for a hunting partner or two for the 2017 elk bow season. I am 48 I live in Springfield Oregon. I plan on doing most of the pre season scouting in eastern Oregon, Desolation unit, other close by units. I don't use 4 wheelers. Usually get into the back country with mountain bike and on foot. I like to get deep into the back country were there isn't any hunting pressure. I train too hunt with frequent packing expeditions throughout the summer months. Age is no matter as long as your in shape enough to handle several days in the back country.

From: Billdud
Hello Westfirmfg, I am not responding to join you on a hunt but to let you know of a excellent 3D Event that would most definitely help in you in training for a hunt. There is event coming up this summer that is held @ Hoo Doo, they have had 3 different courses and one was a extreme elevation course. We have gone the last 2 years and will tell you it is a butt kicker!!!

From: bohunr

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From: Tradguy
Not a sheep hunter but curious what unit that pic was taken?

From: osage
Aw, come on, you can tell us.

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