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D loop set up
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Archery junkie 05-Mar-17
WapitiBob 05-Mar-17
Mr.m2 29-Apr-17
I recently had a new "D"loop installed and when I shot I was hitting 6" low. Can anyone please give me starting spot to check? Could the loop be sitting to high? I shoot a Bowtec Carbon Overdrive and 28.5"arrows.

From: WapitiBob
I tie a nock set inside the loop that eliminates any problem. If you have a loop only setup, it can be in the wrong spot or move up the string. Buy 2' of loop rope, a set of needle nose pliers, and tie your own. Easy peasy

From: Mr.m2
Set nock level with the arrow running through the center of the burger button hole for a starting point.

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