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about five years without a post
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EZBreazy 11-Jun-17
EZBreazy 15-Jun-17
Since its been close to five years with out making a post I figure I might as well post something. Can't wait to see what the draw results will be.

From: EZBreazy
Just a few more days. Sometimes Oregon comes in a bit early if you check online. I am not holding out much hope for anything but OTC but you never know with the 25% random! Good luck.

Luckily I won't need to worry about checking since a buddy will be checking every 20minutes until they come out. He'll text me when they are out.

From: EZBreazy
Results are up. I struck out but my teenage daughter drew her first deer tag for rifle in Interstate. Haven't hunted that myself so gotta get scouting!

I drew a solid west McKenzie anterless tag.

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