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Are you experienced in this area???
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Walksoft7 02-Oct-17
Greg S 28-Nov-17
From: Walksoft7
Hey there bow hunters! Ive only elk here hunted. I am looking into hunting the north Melrose unit for late season deer. Has anyone hunted this area and know what kind of deer are there and the best way to go out and bring one home to the fam? I have been told there are both whitetail and black tail. I'll settle for any deer in my sights but extremely prefer more meat out of it. Thanks for any insights and best ways you've had success with the kind of deer you think is out there!

From: Greg S
I hunted that are as a kid years ago. There’s quite a bit of private ground in the unit. Some timber company ground may allow access either walk in or drive. As far as I know all white tails are protected in that unit so make sure your deer is a black tail. Really cool county though with good mix of timberlands and oaks. Some nice bucks too.

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