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smooth 17-Oct-17
swede 17-Oct-17
DLB 22-Nov-17
From: smooth
Spent 7 days in the West Myrtle Creek are in mid September and was very disappointed. Very few Elk. Lots of Mule Deer but no Elk. Does anyone have any experience with this part of Eastern Oregon?

From: swede
I hunt in that general area every year because I used to live and work for the Forest Service out of Hines. I have been hunting there since 1993. The hunting has dropped off greatly in the last 15 years. Cattle are a huge problem and so are the number of hunters. Since cow hunting was removed in other units, the Silvies has taken on a lot more hunters. In addition for years, when some people that hunted in the general area got an elk, they claimed it came from West Myrtle. I suspect all you saw while hunting there was old sign. They were there in large numbers a week before the season opened. Then came the hunters and the camps, so by opening morning of archery season the elk were safely on the Silvies Valley Ranch. Maybe there was a straggler or two, but not much. I suspect you never saw one elk in West Myrtle during your hunt. I was in Idaho well before you arrived in the area.

From: DLB
Too much pressure needs to be draw for archery

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