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Modern tech and kill range
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From: gangster40
It has taken me a while to figure out a title to this, just because of the subject. Basically I want to take about the problems with modern bows and some of the hunters beliefs in what these new bows can do. I am going to state my beliefs, and why I believe them. With the speeds and accuracy of the modern compound bow, and some of our T.V. hunters, a lot of hunters have the belief that they can easily take large game at ranges from 70 to close to a hundred yards. Yes the accuracy can be there, but is the arrow caring enough kinetic energy and momentum to get a good clean harvest. So I did my own research and my own beliefs. I do not take shots with my compound bow of more then 40-45 yards. I get asked a lot why do I pass on shots I could do at longer ranges, and after a lot of soul searching and looking things up, here is my answer. Yes I probable could hit a standing target that did not move, but in the split second it takes for the arrow to get there a lot of things might happen (personal view). My research came up with this, as with any projectile as it travels down range it is expending its kinetic energy, and also with that it is losing its momentum to penetrate. Is it worth the chance? The chance of hitting a rib and further impeding is to great for me. So what are your thoughts on this?

From: swede
I will not shoot at deer and elk beyond about 40 yards. I am a good shot for an old geezer, but have my limitations. Sure I could kill one at 60 yards, but a hit could also be off a little and I could spend the next two days looking for a wounded animal. If we are honest, most of us will recognize there is a point where the risk factor makes a shot unethical. I have a friend that shoot a heavier bow and is a great shot. He has a longer effective range than I do. I will leave it to him to decide based not only on himself and his equipment, but also on the situation.

With a modern compound bow a 40 yard shot is almost a slam dunk

From: WapitiBob
Never needed to shoot a Bull past 35 yards in my life.

From: gangster40
I agree with the three of you. But what I was really talking about is some of the T.V. hunters shooting 70 to 100 yds. Yes I know that a modern compound bow will reach out that far and more, and a well practiced shooter can hit a target at that and more. My problem is when joe the archer who does not practice but maybe a month (at least) before season and believes that it is a shot he can take. Since I took a medical retirement, I work in a small archery shop part time, and some of the things I hear of, just make me wonder, what the heck are we promoting. Myself 35td is ok, 40yds I have to think about, anything over that is a pass and try to get closer.

Here is my take on this subject. I have shot a Stickbow for the past 16 years and my personal limit is 25 yards. I did hunt with a compound for about 10 years and my average shot with a compound on elk was 18 yards and deer 28 yards. The problem is laser rangefinders as most people have a very hard time accurately judging distances past about 40 yards. This laser rangefinder has lead to all of the long shots with both compounds and rifles. I have no issues with what equipment a person hunts with as long as it is legal. For me hunting with a bow is about getting close and making an accurate shot. To many variables with live animals as one extends the distances. My 2 cents fwiw.

From: RJ Hunt
Here is my idea and take it for what is worth: What your decision to do is just that your decision. It is what you fee you can do and what you’re ethics will allow. 20 yards, 30 yards or 100 yards. To me it is a personal decision and is not my place to judge what may or may not be for someone else to do. Now I don’t always agree with some hunters decisions but that said this is America. As long as are not breaking the law is their right to do so and will not post judgement as will only create more divide. We as hunters, and Americans need to start standing as one, too much division has crept into our country as of late. For me, I shoot what I feel comfortable at that moment. May be 20 yards, could be 60 or 70 yards. Hard to say but when you focus on our likeness, not our difference we can sit around a campfire, boardroom or public meeting with a mutual respect and have constructive conversation. Sorry to rant As is your thread but is just the current affairs get me thinking. Be well friends.

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