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Modern tech were will it end
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gangster40 18-Apr-18
osage 22-Apr-18
swede 24-Apr-18
From: gangster40
Was thumbing through some pamphlets, and was surprised at some of the new accessories this year, the biggest talk is about Garmin's new sight with build in range finder and electric sight, It ranges your target and sets your pin at exact yardage (after set up). The new tech that made me laugh and cry was the new lighted nock that is Bluetooth ready. So now you can track your arrow with your smart phone. Made me laugh because I wondered is this something we really need. Made me cry, because of all the money I spend when my kids were growing up on arrows.

From: osage
Isn't that a dangling participle?

From: swede
Your point is well taken Gangster. I hope Oregon resists allowing more electronic gadgets developed for hunting.

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