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STKFLKR 12-May-18
Royboy 15-May-18
swede 19-May-18
snuffer 19-May-18
I know you all have experienced good and bad boots. For the wonderful state of Oregon, from the rainforest of the coast to the high rocky elevations of east..what's your most waterproof, comfortable, reliable boot of choice?

From: Royboy
For years I wore some nike high top hikers that were waterproof and quite amazing,super light also and when we were in 6 inches of snow I was good and the others not so much. Now I use Keen and they are great also.

From: swede
I buy Danner boots. I don't know that they are the best. They just fit me better than most.

From: snuffer
I like the lowa tibet pro GTX. they are kinda heavy but i never have sore ankles.

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