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what size broad heads
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4 blade 10-Jun-18
Royboy 11-Jun-18
ghost stalker 12-Jun-18
swede 13-Jun-18
From: 4 blade
I shoot beeman 500 gran arrows what size broad head are best 100 grans or125

From: Royboy
A lot depends on your front of center weight (FOC). You can search bowsite for better information

Do you want speed or penetration? What is the gpi of the arrow you are shooting and what is your arrow length. Do you want your total arrow weight ( broadhead included ) to be in a specific range?

From: swede
Why does 25+/- grains with a 500 grain arrow matter? Go with the ones that pattern the best. That is most likely the 125s. They are probably a little stronger too.

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