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Kudu broadheads
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Bullhornio21 20-Jun-18
recurve86 01-Jul-18
HoofsUp 08-Aug-18
From: Bullhornio21
Hey you guys down in Oregon, I was wondering if any of you all have used the Kudu single bevel broadheads made down there and what your thoughts on them are. I am thinking about buying some and hunting elk up here in WA this year with them. I have been using the QAD Exodus which are awesome but have been interested in the wound channel these single bevels cut.

From: recurve86
I’ve used the originals and the contours both. Well constructed heads, manufacturing process ensure a quality head that spins well. I’ve killed 4 animals with them now. While all 4 died within sight, the blood trails were very sparse. I’ve had other friends get good trails so I’m not sure what the difference is?

From: HoofsUp
I had a hard time getting them dialed in, but once my bow was in tune they were grouping with my field points and old broadheads.

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