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Mt. Emily Elk
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From: Zim

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As a NR, not sure why I decided to start applying in Oregon back in 1998. But with 20 points, yesterday I finally drew a tag. Didn’t think so at first. But then got an email from ORDOW. This is the only tag I drew in any state this year. So I’ll be hunting the full 4 week season if necessary. I'm hoping I won't need to backpack, as during my long wait I acquired a pacemaker. This makes it hazardous to the pressure of a strap on left shoulder. Looking forward to visiting your state.

From: Royboy
Congratulations on a great tag! I can’t help you much but if you can’t carry a pack that should be okay until you kill an Elk then you will need lots of help.

From: Zim
Ya this will be only my second hunt with the pacer. Only other one was a WY mule deer hunt last year, where I did not connect. I used to backpack hunt the high country a lot for 20 years previous to the surgery. Will have to figure for this. Hopefully there's some packers I can connect with prior to the hunt.

Great tag. Good luck. I'd start looking for a packer now. The longer you wait the harder to find one and more expensive its gonna be. Post some pics if you get a bull down.

From: smurph
wondering how the hunt went? really good tag, worth a story.

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