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Mt. Emily Elk
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From: Zim

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As a NR, not sure why I decided to start applying in Oregon back in 1998. But with 20 points, yesterday I finally drew a tag. Didn’t think so at first. But then got an email from ORDOW. This is the only tag I drew in any state this year. So I’ll be hunting the full 4 week season if necessary. I'm hoping I won't need to backpack, as during my long wait I acquired a pacemaker. This makes it hazardous to the pressure of a strap on left shoulder. Looking forward to visiting your state.

From: Royboy
Congratulations on a great tag! I can’t help you much but if you can’t carry a pack that should be okay until you kill an Elk then you will need lots of help.

From: Zim
Ya this will be only my second hunt with the pacer. Only other one was a WY mule deer hunt last year, where I did not connect. I used to backpack hunt the high country a lot for 20 years previous to the surgery. Will have to figure for this. Hopefully there's some packers I can connect with prior to the hunt.

Great tag. Good luck. I'd start looking for a packer now. The longer you wait the harder to find one and more expensive its gonna be. Post some pics if you get a bull down.

From: smurph
wondering how the hunt went? really good tag, worth a story.

From: Zim

Zim's embedded Photo
Zim's embedded Photo
My hunt was extremely rough, hot weather and throngs of spike hunters bugling nocturnal bulls. Tons of wolves too, but the spike hunters are what ruin the hunt up top. Nobody ever told me the two simple words that are essential if you draw this hunt..................Drop Camp. You gotta get dropped off 1,500' below the top there to get into big bull heaven. Otherwise it's like bowhunting Illinois public land for OTC deer. I wasted three weeks with bugling fools running circles around me. They ran off any mature bulls wherever I hunted within days. Long Ridge had 5 guys on it one evening. A complete joke. I finally got lucky, located an unmarked tank late in the hunt and got on three bulls. Called a 360" back to me within 60 yards but poor angle. Ended up arrowing a 310-320" type bull with 5 days left. If any of you draw this tag, don't even think about anything but a drop camp.

Nice bull Zim. That is a real problem when they let the spike hunters in there with the coveted tag holders. Should limit them to the first week or so only. I should be able to draw that tag now when I want it.

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