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Trail camera theift
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gangster40 24-Jun-19
del_binari 09-Jul-19
gangster40 23-Sep-19
From: gangster40
After 15 years had my first camera taken this year. I have friends that have had things taken like cams, stands, and have things damaged like climbing pegs bent, and safety ropes cut. Yes it is public land, and yes we all have the right to be out there. My problem is that this just shows no respect for your fellow hunters. Because it is public land anyone could set a cam right beside mine, no problem, But to take some one else's property, or destroying their stuff just shows no respect. This cam was in a lock box, so they had to bring in bolt cutters to cut lock.

From: del_binari
Do you ever wonder if it is ODFW or federal wildlife officer or forest service employee who cut the cam off the tree?

From: gangster40
I wondered about that after hearing rumors, but both cams were in security boxes. First cam lock was cut but box was left on tree, second cam lock was cut and box was lagged from tree. they were in two different places, and there were quad tracks to both. of them. This year I have seen so many people braking the law about taking quad off road it was ridicules. Second talked with good friend who is an ODF officer, but not in same area, the law states anything left in the woods is not considered abandon until it is there for 30 days, first cam was taken within 2 weeks, other was at about 3 weeks. He also stated that he didn't know of any officer that was taking or removing cams during preseason.

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